The Science (and Skinny) Behind Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen Water Stabilizer

Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen Water Stabilizer

Water is an increasing concern for emergency preparedness experts. A supply of quality drinking water is necessary for survival in the case of a disaster, and there are difficulties inherent in any method of purification or storage.

Facing these concerns, many people are turning to products like the Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen Water Stabilizer.

What is Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen Water Stabilizer?

Developed by medical doctor and researcher E.D. Goodloe, the original and authentic Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen is a water stabilizer that can be added to sterilize unsafe water or preserve water during prolonged storage.

How does it work?

Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen is a aqueous form of nontoxic electrolytes of oxygen in molecular form. The solution attacks harmful bacteria and microbes such as salmonella, e. coli, streptococcus, cholera, and many more.

Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen can be used to sterilize drinking water immediately for quick drinking or to stabilize long-term water stores for up to 5 years without rotation.

Is it safe?

Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen does not harm beneficial aerobic bacteria, unlike chlorine or iodine tablets. Additionally, when administered correctly, is practically tasteless and odorless, making water safe and pleasant to drink.

Try it today

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