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My Food Storage is a company based in Salt Lake City, Utah that produces freeze dried and dehydrated food packets for long-term storage in the case of an emergency.

The food from My Food Storage, most of which is grown in the US, is sold in individual mylar patches that provide an advertised 25-year shelf life. The pouches come in buckets which makes for easy stacking (and space-saving storage).

All of the meals sold by My Food Storage are vegetarian, and contain about 200-300 calories per meal. Most of the meals are based on rice and pasta, but there are also oatmeals and cereals for breakfast as well as dehydrated and freeze dried meat for sale as supplements. The biggest selling point of the food is hassle-free storage – there are no rotation or spoilation concerns.

Although food storage is third on the list of survival necessities in the case of emergency (shelter and water come first), having accessible and nutritious supplies on hand can make any survival situation more comfortable and keep morale up. In addition, food stores make for a good trading commodity for other necessities such as ammunition and first aid supplies.

Any one who has tried to create their own food stores, however, has run into the problems of limited space, spoiled food, and having to continually rotate and replenish the stores resulting in more money spent and a supply that can be in doubt.

My Food Storage seems to have solved these problems – albeit for a cost – and offers a simple solution for preparedness-minded eaters. The prices are similar to competitors, among them Survival Warehouse and, but the customer service, ordering system, and organization seem to be superior here.

If you are building up your own food stores, give them a try now.

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