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What’s in a name?

To those from the American south, GovMint sounds like the proper pronunciation of “government.” To the creators of the website that sells a wide range of coins from the US and around the world, it likely is supposed to represent the molding of two official-sounding words, with communicating a reputable and trusted feel the ultimate goal.

The truth is that GovMint is neither a government organization nor is it associated with the US Mint in any way. Instead, it is a privately-owned corporation that sells coins in gold and silver for profit. GovMint is not in the business of buying gold or silver.

The selection of coins on GovMint is its largest selling point, especially for American coins. The selection of foreign gold and silver is less impressive, but still existent. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, but the fact that everyone becomes a “Preferred Customer Club Member” as soon as they make their first purchase or sign up for a free membership makes it clear that GovMint is focused more on quantity than quality.

The biggest detractor from GovMint is likely the prices. Certain items sell for as much as 40% higher than competitors, which for customers who don’t do their homework, can result in a bad experience. This Ripoff Report, which has its own dubious air, is a telling example. Others may be concerned with a 30-day return policy that only covers items still in original packaging, and for those legal-minded in nature, their Terms and Conditions are of suspiciously-brief ilk.

In closing, GovMint is a fine site for educated buyers wishing to make an informed decision about a specific coin or precious metal. While those looking for a site to buy coins with less frills and promises will likely shop elsewhere, a seller in this market can’t please everyone all the time.

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  • Govmint as a name is meant to represent the fact that the company has longstanding relationships with the top government mints of the world, thats how they have access to such large amounts of foreign and us coins

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