A Preparer’s Mindset is Paramount to Survival


The posts on this blog are full of useful, practical information for prepping you and your family logistically for a future time where your survival, and perhaps that of modern society as a whole, is threatened. But prepping is always hard work, not to mention expensive. When the tasks seem overwhelming, it’s useful to take a look at the broader picture.

Why spend time prepping for an emergency? What is most important and how should my energy be spent? Is it all even worth it?

Any level-headed observer knows that some sort of threat is on the horizon. There is continued conflict in the Middle East. The US economy and strength of the dollar are in serious doubt, and difficulty with the Chinese, who own growing US debt, seems imminent. Technology has eroded the social backbone of most people. Natural disasters are on the rise and morality among modern society is sinking while crime rises.

Without knowing exactly what will need to be faced when the time comes, two elements of the preparer’s mindset become paramount. First, a will to survive. This is the most crucial element, even beyond skillfulness, that determines success in a survival situation. Someone willing to do anything it takes to hold on has a far better chance to do so than someone willing to give up at the first signs of difficulty or defeat.

Second, the skills to survive. Whether it’s firemaking, marksmanship, or medicine, these skills will be useful in nearly any situation. While they don’t create themselves out of nowhere – they take dedication and practice – learning the basics can often be easier than you think.

Useful skills, paired with smart preparation and a will to survive, creates the best possible chance. But a large store of proper supplies will do little good without the skills needed to use these supplies and the desire to use them for their greatest intended purpose: keep you alive and thriving.

So… while the practical knowledge on this blog should be heeded, it should always be followed with the right preparer’s mindset, focused on will to survive and gaining useful skills that will help you in any situation.

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